I woke up thinking that it was time for a group of my friends and I to get together…and what better way to do it then to have lunch on the top of the Burgasse-Stadhalle stop.

After planning to meet at 12 noon, I was excited to see Kristen, Amanda and Geoff for lunch!  Sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest difference.

I went downstairs also to visit my friends Hanif, Gonzalo and Curtis just to chat.  I am glad that I will be seeing them this weekend because we all have been gone so long on spring break!

Once I met Geoff on his floor to walk to meet the others at the restaurant, we were hoping for the sun to be out.  And luckily, it was!  And the temperature was increasing, a good sign.

Making our way up the numerous stairs to the top, we finally reached the restaurant.

The ODEN was really cool because it featured freshly made drinks and healthy meals, of which made me very happy.  I ordered a honey ginger lemon soda and sweet potato thai curry with basmati rice and pompadon.

As we exchanged spring break stories and laughed a lot, I was really happy to reunite with my friends again.  You can see, we are quite the cheery crew 🙂

Gotta love having great friends!


Dining at ODEN

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