Winter Break, Part the First

Infinite – She’s Back

…because I’m back! XD

Yes… It’s me. I had big plans to update a long time ago, but that clearly didn’t happen; I assure you, though, that this isn’t a result of my laziness, but rather a consequence of my ridiculous workload and ever-present weekend activities. It’s finally slowed down a bit, but this is really just the calm before the storm that is finals, haha. But I am going to take this opportunity to write about everything of consequence I’ve done since the last time I posted–starting with the things I did over winter break with my friend Halona.

Part 1: Kansai

Halona came at an unfortunate time–in the middle of my finals. XD But once I finished everything, we started on our adventures. 😐

12/15: We wandered around Nanba… yep. XD I think this is the day we went to Denden Town and I played the flip-the-table game, lol.

12/16: Kiyomizudera. It’s a Buddhist temple erected in the 8th century and is  UNESCO World Heritage Site. 😀 It was very pretty, but there was still not much kouyou. ):


That was also the day the kids from my Japanese speaking class and I had dinner with our professor. 😀 We took purikura, haha:


12/17: Umeda. We walked around and rode the Ferris wheel on top of Hep Five. XD


12/18: Arashiyama (for the third time XD) and a Christmas party. A friend of mine invited me to a show her church (?) was putting on, so I went. XD It was really nice, and it was interesting to see how the Japanese put on a Christmas show, haha.

12/19: Fushimi Inari! This is my favorite cultural place in Kyoto. (: It’s really beautiful and magnificent. *__* It’s one of the most important temples in Japan, hohoho.


12/20: Shinsaibashi. We went to Shinsaibashi, and met up with another one of my friends and her travel group. XD It was great! We went to the johnny’s shop, ate takoyaki & okonomiyaki, and took purikura. Good times. I had to leave early to pack all my stuff though. )’:


12/21: I moved into my apartment, and then we went to Umeda to catch the night bus to Tokyo. Ugh, night buses. XD

All right, going to stop here for now! Next post: Tokyo. XD



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