Vacation Through the Northern Cities of Spain: Part 2

April 3, 2012

So I was planning on utilizing the two hours and 50 minutes of this bus ride to write this blog along with some other self-organizing, but I instead took a two-hour nap. A much needed one, at that.

I feel silly submitting two blogs back to back, but I wasn’t able to in neither Pamplona nor San Sebastián due to the lack of wifi. Apparently gives hostels some leeway: there’s an option called “Internet/Wifi” on the site, and they can technically say “yes” to internet without ever intending to cough up the wifi password.

Pamplona was as quaint as I’d imagined it’d be. We got in around dinnertime on Saturday night, so we checked into what we thought was a hostel but was actually an apartment of sorts, then hit up a Mexican restaurant so that Trelsey could grab some dinner. Chuck and I beat the system and made super barato (cheap) sandwiches fresh from the market in Zaragoza. Sunday morning we got breakfast and then ventured into the older, more famous part of the city. We walked the entire route of the San Fermines Running of the Bulls, which was a really cool experience. We also got to see the most talented street performer I’ve seen yet in Spain (video attached), saw some adorable farm animals in the Citadel, and then had lunch at a little place called Ñam, which is “Yum” in Spanish. Nom nom nom, I got a kick out of it. We then embarked on our ritual postcard hunt before heading to the bus station to get to San Sebastián.

Beginning of “El Encierro,” where the ferocious bulls (us) are held before they’re released to run:


Getting chased by some bulls!:


We’re getting to be pros at reenacting statues…


The One-Man-Band (I wish I could have gotten him playing the song previous; it was a lot more intense than this lol):

We were a little rushed once we touched down in San Sebastián because Chuck had an important Skype date with his parents. After the wifi miscommunication at the hostel, we ended up at the McDonalds across the street. We were planning on playing cards or something chill that night, but by the time we got back to the hostel, all we wanted to do was sleep.

Sleep. Crazy how much of it we’re not getting this trip. Not so much that we’re not getting it, but rather not enough to make up for walking miles per day until our feet give out. Yesterday, Monday, Kelsey (who along the line became the ring leader this trip) let us sleep in. We battled our hostel-mates for the showers (there were only 2 in the hostel) and had a hearty breakfast of carbs on top of more carbs. We did a lot of walking through the bay and city center, then visited the beach. It was too cold and overcast to go in the water, so Kelsey made a sandcastle while I accidentally passed out on a seawall for an hour. It’s hard work having so much fun ;P.



Today we got an earlier start. We walked back to the beach, but to the other side this time, surrounding the bay. We went up this coolio contraption called the “Funacular,” which was essentially a cable car that took us to the top of the mountain. It was overcast, but there was still a breathtaking view of the city. We also snapped a few pictures of the sculptures of “The Wind Comb,” which were unlike any sculptures I’d seen previously. We grabbed a quick lunch of pintxos, [pin’choz], which are essentially tapas but on toothpicks that you grab buffet-style.




Well, I hate to cut this short, but our bus just pulled up to Santander! Talk to you soon!


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