Forty shades of green

When you are planning to study abroad, you will hear a lot of things about different places. People will tell you about the night life, the culture, the landscape, and the amount of fun to be had. Inevitably, you will arrive in the city described and come to your own conclusions. It will seem that what you have heard doesn’t do it justice, or that it was over-exaggerated. There is one small island nation where that is just not so.

The land of Ireland is exactly what you picture, if you close your eyes and imagine the green, sprawling farm lands and cliffs, and more Guinness than could possibly be had. P.S. I Love You wasn’t lying.

The Irish people are friendly and insist on buying round after round of the menacing dark beer, and yes even the locals go to the bars with live Irish music, and yes, the people actually jig. Before you finish your first round of Guinness, there is inevitably a second one on the table and someone grabbing you to swing you around by the elbow.

I travelled there with another UF blogger, Jade! We met up in Dublin, and started off the weekend right (with fish pedicures, of course.)

The fish nibble the dead skin off your feet, and press your accupuncture points. Allegedly. Mostly it just feels cool and is a weird/awesome experience to have. The next day, we took a free tour of Dublin through Sandeman’s Tours, which go all over Europe (check it out!)

And then we did the one thing that all visitors of Dublin do, which is tour the Guinness factory. The factory is really interesting and awesome, and there is a Gravity bar on the 7th floor where you get to overlook the city of Dublin while drinking free Guinness (they even put a shamrock design in the foam!)

After a night out where we learned about the true generosity of the locals, we had to wake up for our 7:00 am tour of the Cliffs of Moher! Due to Jade’s exemplary speed-walking techniques, we managed to somehow be punctual on the tour bus WITH refreshing drinks and a muffin.

The only way to describe the cliffs is through photos… It has always been a dream of mine to go there, and getting to experience them took my breath away. I just enjoyed it for hours. There was apparently a cliff museum there as well, but we just enjoyed the cliffs too much to be bothered with it. I definitely don’t regret that decision.

The bottom line is… Ireland really is the land of forty shades of green. A study abroad must visit!!


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