When life gives you lemons, book a trip to Italy.

This weekend I did something completely unthinkable. I sat outside, at a cafe, in a light sweater. I know. Hold back your excitement. As a Floridian, enjoying a nice day outside is perfectly normal. Well, this was the first time in months I’ve been outdoors without a jacket and scarf, so I reveled in it.

Other than that, things haven’t been all sunshiney. I faced a huge disappointment this week when I realized I wouldn’t be able to get a visa to go to China from the German Chinese Embassy, because I’m American, and I thus wouldn’t be able to spend 2 weeks with one of my best childhood friends on her study abroad. After all the excitement I had built up, I would be let down.

But when the sun came out this weekend, I couldn’t let myself be glum. It was beautiful, I was in Berlin, and there was so much excitement in the world. So, I grabbed my Kindle and read War and Peace while sitting at an outdoor cafe in the cool breeze, and I took some photos of Berlin with sunlight. Then, I went home. After a long conversation with someone who also loves art history about the unmatchable beauty of Rome, I decided it was fate and booked 4 days in Venice and 4 days in Rome. (At the hostels that user websites had voted the most fun and social, naturally.) I. can’t. wait. Following that, I went out to enjoy a typical St. Patty’s Day with great company. It’s amazing how one day of peace and happiness can erase the anxiety of a disappointment and make you appreciate everything around you.

In other news… I’m down to only about 2 weeks until my boyfriend comes from the USA!! And since I booked my Italian adventure, I also now have a flight back to Orlando. (I’m coming home some day, Mom and Dad!) Which is exciting but also kind of sad, because I know on April 22 this fairytale will be all over.


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