Vapiano & Family Erasmus Dinner

So the fun continues…Phil introduced me to Vapiano-literally the coolest Italian restaurant I have ever been to.  You walk in and the front desk gives you a scan card in which you pay for your meal before you leave.  All you do is scan the card when you order what you want to eat and drink from the food/beverage stations.  Since we both were feeling healthy, we ordered fresh, colorful salads and bread.  Naturally, we also both love dessert so Phil picked out this gem:

And a candid to capture the moment:

Now on to the Family Erasmus dinner!

Kristen, Hanif, Geoff, Amanda and I gathered ingredients to make an Italian pasta dinner.  We bought pancetta, angel hair, bell pepper pasta sauce, fresh garden greens, a block of wet mozzarella, balsamic dressing, pudding for dessert…you get the point.  It was so much fun to cook together and we did a pretty great job:

Kristen cooking up a storm

Candid shots of Amanda, Hanif & Geoff

And of course, the fantastic meal:

It was a great day! Next up, shopping for my Austrian ball attire, visiting the Schonbrunn Palace and much, much more 😉


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