The Twilight Zone?

Hi readers!

I have to say, I don’t really know where my week went. I feel like more than Buenos Aires being a port, it’s a portal–one through which minutes just fly out of. And, because day-to-day life goes by so quickly, it means that so do longer periods of time.
Well, without further ado, let’s recap.

On Sunday morning, I showered, put on a long skirt, put money on my bus card, and hopped onto bus headed toward the border of San Telmo and Recoletta. Why, you ask? Not to go to another open-aire market, but to attend the massive and beautiful Russian Orthodox church here in Buenos Aires.

Shall we get personal? I myself am Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox, so visiting other Orthodox churches is very much like being at home, save for a few cultural differences. In general, though, I love to visit religious institutions of all sorts and get to know them a bit more.
Anyway, the actual service was very nice, and it was amazing to hear a combination of spoken Spanish and Russian in the same place. On top of that, after church was over, I introduced myself to the two priests there, who were very pleasant and overjoyed to meet me. Overall, it was a great experience for me–one which I definitely plan on repeating.

Some things to keep in mind if visiting a Russian Orthodox church: women must wear long skirts/dresses, there are very limited, if any, pews, and the service (“liturgy” or mass) itself is no less than three hours.

The next day–Monday–started out with a bang, as we had our first wine tasting in my Food and Wine Class. It was pretty fun, and I definitely learned a lot more about how to identify wine than I ever knew before.

Later on, I went to the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires (MALBA) with some friends for free, since we were students.

Note: there are several free/discounted things to see and do around the city, especially if you’re a student.

That lovely gentleman up there is only one of several exhibits that we encountered.
The rest of the week passed by with classes, homework, helping Elda around the house, applying for internships, and keeping in touch with family/friends back home.


I’m still stuck in between being a bit homesick, but being happy that I’m here. All I know is that it sure will feel good to be back, but I know I’ll start missing this place instantly when I am.

So on Saturday, yesterday, we had an excursion to Tigre, a town nearby Buenos Aires. It was nice. We went on a boat tour, which included a cup of coffee and an alfajore (possibly my new favorite pastry), and then got to walk around the city itself, which was filled with open-air markets.

Two pieces of advice: try to refrain from buying things in Buenos Aires, as you can often find significantly cheaper prices in surrounding towns, and do NOT ignore bug repellant, whether you bring it with you from the US or buy it here. (I’m scratching myself now as we speak!)

Bueno, chicos, that’s all I have to say! Until next time!


One thought on “The Twilight Zone?

  1. Thoroughly enjoying reading the back-logue of your travel posts. I’m a university student from Australia currently traipsing the globe and it’s handy to read about others’ adventures in places I’m yet to visit – so thanks for sharing! Keep it up.

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