The day kicked off pretty early when Phil picked me up by car around 10:30am and we were off to Lower Austria on a mission to shop for both of us for ball attire.  As we drove outside of Vienna, I couldn’t help but marvel at everything I saw-who knew somewhere across the world could look so different?

In the distance as we drove closer into Lower Austria, I saw huge yellow letters that looked quite familiar…could it be IKEA? Oh yeah, we were definitely going to be making a trip in there.  I still needed several kitchen items as I’ve noticed whenever I cook at Erasmus, I seemed to be missing key utensils and items like a cutting board, actual sharp knives, a pasta strainer, etc.  After helping Phil pick out new kicks at SideStep, IKEA was on my mind to pick up the compulsory kitchenware.  It was hard not to grab everything in sight because of how practical it is, the affordability and of course, turquoise in color.  I really need to stick to my list as much as possible!  Ok, IKEA done; now ball shopping.

Shopping for a dress seemed difficult at first because many of the dresses I scanned in the stores were either too casual or fancy, too expensive, unappealing to my eyes and not what I had in mind.  After passing through several stores, Phil suggested ZARA, where he needed to purchase his blazer.  I had no idea what ZARA was or what the store was like-it just looked like Sak’s Fifth Avenue.  After stepping in the massive bright store, I was in heaven.  ZARA was on point for my taste in style, affordability and color scheme.  I tried on a handful of dresses before being torn between the dark teal plunging back-line number versus the seam foam one-shoulder form-fitting work of art.  Well, since I figured more special occasions would arise, I left with both for a sweet price of E70 for both dresses together.  Score! And, Phil also walked away with the perfect black blazer.  It fit him perfectly and looked really great.  Pinch me please; it is quite the fairy tale that I am proud to call my life.

As for the shoes, I ended up finding them later in the day at HUMANIC, shoe store galore.  Ursula and I perused Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna’s famous shopping street, for the perfect heels to complement the sea foam dress.  At the end of the search, the silver cinderella shoes were found.  Perfect fit and complement to the dress-couldn’t have been happier.  Ursula also found the perfect ball-worthy earrings that matched the sea foam color perfectly.  Boom-my ball attire shopping was complete and I was set.

On to the Schonbrunn…

As my life always keeps me busy as a bee running from one place to the next, Phil had to weave through traffic systematically to get me to my Schonbrunn palace tour on time.  And like clockwork, I made it on time!

The Schonbrunn Palace tour was an audio tour where we were given a “handy” to hold up to our ear like a cell phone to listen to a different talk in each room we perused.  It was a beautiful place and I could describe it to you but come on, the pictures totally speak for themselves.  Enjoy 😉

So, now that you have your fill of Schonbrunn, you will be delighted to hear about how I decided to go to Amsterdam on a whim.  I had been debating going with the other five friends that planned the trip up until practically the last minute.  Then a thought occurred to me…why not?!? I had not planned on visiting Amsterdam but it seemed like a bold move and a great idea.  So, I went on KLM airlines, booked my flight, booked my hostel stay for four nights at Bob’s Youth Hostel and presto…I was going to Amsterdam.  And, I am SO glad that I decided to go…you will hear about it in an upcoming post.  I am really breaking my shell of comfort and it feels liberating.  Stay tuned!


Shopping for the Austrian Ball, Schonbrunn Palace Tour & Booking Amsterdam

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