Livin’ la Vida Loca

Hello future world-travelers,

This week I stayed local, and I’m glad I did! I’m fully convinced now that Buenos Aires just has a constant and replenishing flow of things to see and do. During this short school week I attended classes–like usual–and also mett with the academic program director here regarding doing an independent study research project. On top of that, I attended my first “Volunteers without Borders” meeting, which means I’m that much closer to being able to start some major volunteer work during my stay.

Alas, the weekend came and brought with it a variety of cultural experiences. My friends and I meet at a park with several famous buildings/monuments to drink “mate”–a wildly popular tea-like beverage drank in Argentina and Uruguay–like true locals, and then prepared our Residencia for the birthday party of another girl living here. On Saturday I went to visit La Boca with another group of friends, which is a huge tourist area full of colorful buildings, outdoor shows/presentations, restaurants, and markets. Afterward, we went to see a free show at the planetarium, followed by a lovely dinner in Chinatown.

My Sunday morning began with taking a visit to Cafe Tortoni, a very famous site, and then a stroll through the weekly San Telmo market. What a wonderful place to bargain, stock up on souvenirs, and indulge in multiple portable food items. Lead by both hunger and curiosity, we then ventured out to a pizza place called “El Cuartito,” which is apparently partly owned by the director of the Godfather.  Mmmm.

When you’re in a country where its people are descendents of Italians, take my advice and take advantage of it.

After we had our dinner, we caught a bus over to see an outdoor tango festival, which occurs every Sunday evening.

It. Was. Magical. I’m not one to sugarcoat things, but watching all those locals just gather under a gazebo outside to dance the night away with whichever partner they encountered was like watching something out of an old movie. I’m so glad I got to see that, and I’m all the more inspired to attend some tango lessons now.

Honestly, the only thing that I’m struggling with is keeping up with the seemingly “two lives” that I have: the one here in Argentina, along with back at home. For example, staying in touch with family/friends, as well as applying for summer internships, preparing for class registration, etc., all the while managing volunteering, classes, traveling, research, etc.

I guess it’s better to have too much going on than too little, though–at least I would take the former any day.

Well, until next week! Besos.


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