Happy Port, Rio Grande do Sul

So much has happened in so little time. Yet not in an overwhelming matter, but rather in a surprisingly simple unfolding. For example, leaving my window open for natural a/c, and hearing a neighbor play the guitar while I read Bukowski’s Hollywood in Portuguese.

After visiting Rio this past summer, I had little idea of what to expect upon arriving to Porto Alegre. What greeted me was a very charming modesty, and lovely weather.

My street

at night!

I have much to explore still, including the city’s night scene. So far, I have confirmed once again that the Brazilian party is world-renowned for a reason.

I’d also like to note that my roommate is wonderful, and I am extremely grateful that the University here provided a list of students willing to help other exchange students. She speaks English well and we have very funny bilingual conversations.

An important thing I’ve learned from studying abroad previously is not to rush around in the first few days. Rest is essential. Making a home environment in any new place requires that you spend a conscious amount of time doing the things you normally do, though you may be tempted to go out to see everything all at once. I still floss, stretch in the morning, and keep in touch with friends and family. And I write. These are some essentials, no matter where I am. Some values, actions, and practices in your life are non-negotiable. Don’t compromise them, even when adapting to new environments.

So tomorrow, after my cup of coffee, I may wander over to a cell-phone carrier to get myself set up with a chip. Girl’s gotta have a phone in case she gets lost. Essential.

tudo tranquilo. até mais, Michelle


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