Two Month Vacation & St. Andrews, Scotland – the land of Prince William & Kate Middleton

Rather than having fall and spring semesters the Germans have winter and summer semesters.  Winter semester is from October until the end of January and summer semester is from April until mid July. Therefore if you do a year abroad at a German university you will have two months off between winter and summer semester. I am taken advantage of this time to travel.  Last week I was in Scotland. I visited Edinburgh for a day and spent the rest of my time in St. Andrews visiting a friend, who studies at St. Andrews University.

St. Andrews is a small university town rich with history.  It was an important city during the Protestant Reformation.  There are abby and castle ruins.  It is also the home of golf. Moreover, it is where Prince William and Kate Middleton went to university and met. I had brunch in the small cafe where they supposedly met.  If you visit Scotland I would suggest to take a day to visit St. Andrews. Check out my photos on my Flickr (

Travel tip: When traveling around Scotland, I suggest taking busses rather than trains.  Both are expensive but busses offer student discounts where trains do not.


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