Dublin Going Strong!

Hey guys!

The last two weeks have been going along fast! School has started back up and I am already filming a documentary and planning another. Geesh they are not playing around this semester!

I am also planning my work visa for after this summer ends. I am fairly sure I have everything all settled and prepared. Does not seem to be very hard to get 😀 Huzzah for our Government setting up a plan correctly!

More recently I went to Trim Castle, and it was epicly awesome. It is the best preserved Norman castle in the world. No one has completely demolished it or tried to make it all fancy in the later castle styles. Check out that video below 😉

Well I will tell you what… Why don’t we go over what I have been doing as I link the videos…. That would be easier… Watching would be a lot more fun than reading… Well I think so at least!

Oh man…. that is two weeks of videos… are you ready for it?? Might want to go grab some popcorn :p

Zombie Week

Monday 30/1 – A Zombie Vlog

My friend and I filmed a cooking video we have been brought on to direct, produce, and edit. This was us doing a quick playing around with lighting and me introducing Project 12’s Zombie Week.

31/1 – A zombie’s view on food

Ever wonder how a Zombie views food? Well it is not all brains!

1/2 Meh a headache

Yaaa… was not feeling well.

2/2 50 goals of 2012 😀

I jotted down 50 goals of min in 2012 🙂

3/2 Thoughts on the future

I talk about what I am interested in doing in the future 😀

4/2 Vlogging in public

I walk around with my camera while I talk about bad flatmates and Pokemon!


I relax last Sunday…. when I should have been doing a blog update >.>….


Irish Mondays continue while I talk about food here in Ireland and what I do in class….


I remember a life without my beard….


I was a little stressed, and my friends from home offered me some relaxation via Skype!


I did some more filming, so I have pictures from the event!


I talk about what has gone on during my birthday. My birth year and others…


CASTLE!!!! Need I say more??


And finally I vlog while walking home from checking out a nearby gym 🙂

If you watched all of those…. you deserve a medal or something… seriously… haha Well I shall see you next week!!!!


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