Liberation et Moi.

You know the feeling when you open the door on a cold day. That burst of fresh and icy air just hits you. No matter if you mentally prepare for it every time, it just happens. It sends a chill down your spine, but with that chill it makes you feel alive. It awakens you and makes you more aware of your environment.

I know tomorrow, when I depart the USA and head to Paris, it will be like opening that door on a cold day. I have mentally prepared myself, have expectations set, and know no matter how much I have planned, things will just go differently. It will be terrifying, but beyond exciting at the same time. I will become more heightened about my environment and aware of my surroundings. I am ready for that chill to hit me, to be culturally awakened, and feel so alive.

When I think a about what is so different about going to Europe, it is not the fact that I will be independent, that is something I have always entailed. I believe the word is liberated.

Obviously, America is the Land of the Free. We have individual liberties and I grew up in a very open-minded household that allowed me to be an independent thinker and doer. The ability to have no extra-circular activities, work, or long to-do list to tie me down, is what is so liberating. The only “to-do list” I will have outside of academics is what “to-do” in Paris, Rome, Santorini, London, Vienna, Barcelona etc.

I can wake-up on a Friday and say, “Hmm, What country should I visit today?” The vast systems of mass transportation and plethora of attractive cities, allows Europe to be a liberating experience.

Immersing myself in other cultures, learning their history, tasting their food, and trying their language are all elements of travel that excite me. I love learning about different places, people, and cultures. I look forward to sharing all my adventures and new experiences with you. I hope the words and pictures of my adventure through Europe, over the next four months, gives you that sense of liberation that I feel.

The bags are packed, most good-byes have been made, I am hydrated and well rested. Is is not au revoir America, but à bientôt (It is not good-bye, but see you soon).


Published by: acc0022

The people in life fascinate me. I gain satisfaction and fortitude in understanding how societies form, the social implications, the economic systems, and the overall culture. From everyday interactions to political implications, life is different in every culture around the world. When I look outside a window, I see a beautiful backdrop of natural beauty, all types of people, gestures, interactions, and marks of mankind. I see the past in an old man’s graceful and wise wrinkles. I see the future in a rosy-cheeked little boy with ice cream dripping from his chin. I see street signs, which govern society with rules to create order, dazzling in the sun. With the past and present, intermixed with human ambition and contrasted with nature’s simplistic form, I relish in understanding it.

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