Sarah: Spring in Ghana – Hours Away

Honestly, I’ve been a little hesitant to post in this blog because it can get a little intimidating – seeing everyone off to all of these beautiful places, yet here I am, hoping to show you a little something else. I’ll start by saying I’m leaving from my dad’s house in two hours. Everything seems very surreal to me right now. I’ve packed up everything save my laptop – so I can stream a few more episodes on Hulu from the comfort from my bedroom. I’m bringing Storm of Swords, so hopefully I’ll be well occupied on the transatlantic flight. I was lucky – I only have one layover in DC for two hours.

The funny thing is, when going on a long trip like this, whenever you say your plane takes off, everyone says “oh, that’s a great time of day to fly.” When I went to Spain, everyone said, “oh, you don’t leave until 10 am. That’s great because you won’t have to wake up too early.” Or now, when I leave at 7 pm, “oh, you don’t leave until night? That’s great because you can sleep on the plane.” Either way, I appreciate the kind words.

I really am most excited about what Accra, Legon, the university and my dorm will look like. I wonder what riding the bus is like. I read online that the capital has about 1.5 million inhabitants – roughly the size of Columbus. I’ve never been to Columbus, OH, so that comparison does little for me. I wonder if the city is sprawled out, or modern. I wonder about my roommate. I know that whatever I don’t have, I can buy over there. I wonder what the markets are like.

I keep telling myself that if I see an elephant sometime during this semester, this whole trip will be a success, but I really know that there’s so much more to doing all of this than that.

A friend gave me a piece of advice that I’d like to share: nothing ever happens if you don’t put yourself out there. So that’s what I’m doing. I just want to see it. I really know very little. Maybe that would scare some people, but maybe I’m just the type that would rather learn via confrontation than passively.You can’t wait for things to happen.

I apologize for the brevity. I’ll post tomorrow with pictures for sure.


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