Olympic Summer at the Temple of Yuan Ming Tombs

Five Historical Sites. American Tourists. Hilarity Ensues.


Black Swan Watching? Movie screenings are common at Yuan Ming Yuan.Yuan Ming Yuan

Attack of the Chinese Middle Schoolers. This was actually terrifying. Yuan Ming Yuan

Illegal shots of the Ruins. Who pays an additional 15 kaui when you can just climb this hill in TOMS, almost slip to your death, and take pictures that way? Yuan Ming Yuan


Don’t stand like this while riding the subway. You could lose a finger. Ming Tombs

Where the bus dropped us off. Yes, this is the middle of nowhere. No, I don’t see the bus stop either. (After approximately 30 miles, we found it. No worries.)Ming Tombs

I hate scribblers, too. (Not the ice pops. Those are actually quite good.) Ming Tombs

There appeared to be an event that day. We weren’t invited. Although we were gawked at by the performers. Ming Tombs

He’s such a fab animal! Ming Tombs


Those girls probably just took a picture of us. Also, I’m really excited to be there?Olympic Green at Night


I was in charge of the flag for about 5 minutes. The power was almost too much.
Summer Palace
This is the longest corridor in the world. One day my culture teacher, Swallow, asked us if we had corridors in America.Summer Palace

Again, Swallow told us this story a little differently. She told us to have a dialogue with a fish. And that was it. Summer Palace

I don’t know who is more excited. PS All along that bridge are lions and you are supposed to count them (I forgot why…maybe that’s why I got to ten and decided it was time for lunch).Summer Palace

After this madness, we ended up eating outside on the ground. Ahhhh, McDonald’s. Summer Palace


So you’re supposed to stand on this stone and say something. Since the structure is a perfect circle it will echo back to you. It doesn’t really have the same effect when 12 people are vying to put one foot on the slab. Temple of Heaven

Might as well JUMP! (Not as easy as it looks. This took numerous shots to get that certain High-School-Musical-Poster look.)Temple of Heaven

Well until next time,



PS More pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lryoung26/sets/


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