Adventure Time

Two weeks ago the semester ended and I finally arrived home and as I talked to my mom about how excited I was to go  when I told her I’d be gone for 6 weeks she completely freaked out, cried, and said “six weeks is a long time.” I laughed, I mean what else could I do and between fits of laughter I said “come on ma’ 6 weeks isn’t that long.” Yet now I look back on that conversation and look forward to my imminent future and realize how much things can change in a few minutes let alone 6 weeks … she was of course right (I will never admit that to her). I am embarking on what may be an adventure of a lifetime, in a country I don’t know, with a group of girls whose first names I’m trying to learn, and while I am almost boiling over with all kinds of different emotions and anxieties, I still haven’t even bought a suitcase.

It seems surreal. Study abroad had not too long been something I only dreamt of doing, not something I imagined myself capable of …you know … there is a big disconnect between wanting to study abroad and going through with it.  At first it does not seem like a lot of commitment, but once you seriously start planning on how you’re going to afford it, and you choose a program it really dawns on you the huge step you’re taking. It took some work, lots of encouragement, but I finally made that leap from dreaming to doing. And now look at me … freaking out … not packing, but at least I’ve been doing my reading about the city!

But anyway I should introduce myself … My name is Mariana I am now a senior at UF with a major in English, and a minor in Spanish. I will be spending 6 weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 20 years old, born and raised in Miami, and I am half Cuban and half Dominican. I like to eat, read and I like to write in my journal, but even so I’ve never started a blog so with that said …

Hopefully, you guys will stick around with me on this adventure as I keep track of not only the things I do,  but what I learn and how I change. And maybe even some of you will go for gold and study abroad someday too (if you haven’t already)!

See you all in Argentina!!!


5 thoughts on “Adventure Time

  1. One of my really good friends is going on that trip too!! And Ms. Braylan is amazing. You are going to love Buenos Aires, and the place you guys are staying is in a great neighborhood too — it’s where I’m living right now!! Welcome to the city!!
    –Sarah (my blog is under Spring in Buenos Aires)

  2. Wow Mariana. You have no idea how proud I am of you. I know it sounds corny but its true. You say you never thougth it could actually happen, but really you had it in you from day 1. Remember ily no matter what. Miss you.

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